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MY CARLISLE: Sarah Baldwin

After moving from the paradise island of Hawaii to Carlisle’s cobbled streets, mum-of-one Sarah explains why Carlisle will always be home to her

A WORD WITH: Tim Padley

The Romans are coming! As Carlisle stands by for a cavalry charge at Bitts Park, the curator and researcher talks Romans misbehaving, battles with the Scots and blingy armour

ONE TO WATCH: Sharina Robinson

As the UEFA Women’s Euro Championships kick off in the Netherlands this month, Carlisle United Ladies FC captain Sharina Robinson has ambitions both for her team and her sport


This month there are 15 pages of social pictures, including the Thomas Graham Anniversary at Garden at Eden.


10 things to do this month, including rock anthems and centurions


Featuring columnists Roger Lytollis, Sarah Ledger, Sally Crangle and John Myers